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Lensa Seni – Bridging our worlds through LangUR: An art exhibition

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Special thanks to Miriam Devaprasana for publishing our article of Langur: Building Bridge Between Our Worlds Art Exhibition. Thumbs up for the well written article👍
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Penang Art Open

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15 January –  28 February 2022

Penang Art Open 2021

Painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and etc. Penang Art Open Competition is a contemporary art competition that is open to all visual artists, novice to professional artist and 18 years of age or older competing for a grand prize. With the theme “Limitation Inspires Creativity”, Penang Art Open 2021 showcases noteworthy emerging artists, those with unique perspective and artists with technical acuity whether it is cultural, aesthetic or formalist-to the art world at large. This exhibition is open to public starting on 15 January till 28 February 2022. Come one and all as we are open daily except for Friday and Public Holidays from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Appointments can be made by contacting 04-261 6466/04-226 1439 or emailing