01. What is a museum?

The word museum is taken from the term “muse” which comes from “Muses” which is the nine daughters of the god Zeus according to Greek mythology The god Zeus is said to take care of matters related to culture, religion, education, art, tragedy and astronomy. Based on this mythology there is the term “museion” in Greek which means “place of muses”. In Malaysia the museum is a public educational institution disseminating information on history, culture and nature. The activities carried out by the museums in this country are one of the efforts that are expected to help the country build and strengthen the identity of the community as well as be a tourist attraction.

02. What is the total collection of paintings from 1965 to 2020?

An estimated 1403 works of art over a period of 55 years.

03. What types of phone calls are most commonly received from the public?

Phone calls that are often received by LMNPP staff are to ask about current exhibitions and hours of museum and gallery operations.

04. How is the procedure for obtaining guided tour services to museums and galleries?

Those interested in getting a guided tour can contact the museum / gallery they want to visit and inform the needs of the guided tour along with the date, time and number of guided tour participants. The party can write a letter to us as well.

05. Does LMNPP accept donations for the collection of personal artifacts or works of art to be displayed in museums or galleries?

Yes. LMNPP receives donations for the collection of artifacts or works of art from the public / organization with certain terms and conditions. Please contact the LMNPP Assistant Curator for donations for the collection of artifacts or works of art.

06. How to apply to serve in LMNPP?

Vacancies will be advertised on the LMNPP Official Website or the Penang State Government Official Portal.

06. What is conservation?

An action either directly or indirectly in extending the life of an element or a group of new or damaged, stable or unstable elements of historical heritage so that the message to be conveyed can be displayed to the public.