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Ruang Berita

(Article from New Strait Times, Monday, September 17, 2012)

Ukiyo-e is a “pictures of the floating world”. A special unit Japanese Wood Block. Print by Ukiyo. The duration of Ukiyo-e Exhibition will be from 1st until 25th September 2012 and 75 immaculate prints of similiar size, featuring motifs, landscapes, scene from the theatre, brothels, tea houses, potraits of popular actors and pleasure quarters, are featured.


Paparan Koleksi

A Narrow Lane, Penang
Golden Harvest
Who Am I & What I'm Doing
Chilehood Change Over Time
Birds And Orchids
Roadside Stall, Kuala Lumpur
Buffaloes In River, Langkawi
Fruit Orchard, Langkawi