Articles from NSTP (Friday, July 6th,2012.)

Just as a short note Management of Penang State Museum & Art Gallery would like to thank everyone who join together include our dedicated staffs for all your efforts over the past several weeks on the success of "Pakat-Pakat Mai Museum"activity.Besides we had a great support from the participants..

Salute to everyone out there!!!and Congratulations to the winners..

I greatly appreciate the extra time that you’ve put into the activity and feel that it could not have been successful without your involvement. Please accept our personal gratitude.

Your continues support and dedication to us in future is more appreciate.

Cheers & have a great day ahead!!!

On July 6th,an article of "Pakat-Pakat Mai Museum" was published in News Straits Times..Kindly read through the article for further information.

Thank you once again..