Penang State Museum will organize a workshop title with  “LOCAL HISTORY STUDIES RESEARCH WORKSHOP (1ST SERIES)”.The objective of organizing such workshop is a aimed to share the experience with the target group about the importance of history / local studies to society and knowledge.

This workshop will focus on the steps and preparation to conduct effective local history, as well as the challenges faced in the process of research. It will be conduct  by lecturers and researchers with experience in local studies research. This workshop seeks to help interested parties to explore whatever history in their living environment, personalities, religious houses, institutions, businesses, associations or their own family history about the important things in the performance of local history studies.

In this first series, the focus will be on research related to the personality of Muslim merchants/traders in Penang, which is in the process of research by a group of researchers.

           Participation is free and open to anyone interested in the age of 19 years and above.

           This workshop is conducted by lecturers and researches with experience in local research and lectures will be deliver in Malay language.

           Food is provided throughout the workshop.

           Certificates of participation will be presented at the end of the workshop.

This workshop will be held in collaboration with Think City on 6th October 2012 (Saturday), starts 8.00a.m until 5.00p.m at Penang State Museum No,57,Jalan  Macalister,10400 Penang.

For more information, please log in to our website or kindly call our administration office at 04-226 1461 or 1462.

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