Donation Of Books Publication @Penang State Library (Bertam)

Posted on: Rab, 2012-09-19 00:52   By: MZMKPLBPKHG

Donation of Penang State Museum books publication by Yang Berhormat Tuan Wong Hon Wai (Exco for Town and Planning, Housing and Arts) and the Chairman of Penang State Museum.

Attended by various of educational institutions, primary and secondary schools, public libraries across Penang State. The event was held on Thursday,13th September 2012 at 4p.m at Penang State Library,Bertam Branch (Kepala Batas).

A historical talk title with "Sejarah Seberang Perai sehingga 1842" was given by Prof.Madya Datin Dr.Mahani Musa,Lecturer of Malaysian History,University Sains Malaysia cum The Board Member of Penang State Museum followed with the welcoming speech by Y.B Wong Hon Wai.

Penang State Museum disclosure to students and communities about the development of local and international visual arts as well as sharing the publication of Penang State artist documentation and in the realization of corporate responsibility as an agency that provides non-formal education as with the motto of Penang State Museum and Art Gallery,

“Pendidikan Muzium Untuk Semua”