Penang State Museum is an institution of state statutory bodies. Museum is a non profit making, permanent institution in the service of society and of its development and open to public, which acquires, conserves, communicates, and exhibits for purpose of study, education and enjoyment, material evidence of man and environment. Penang State Museum and Art Gallery has been upgrade the official website  on April 2012.The new website contains various of current information perhaps provide a better approach to interactive with public. This website also provides the online services and current information such as :


Ø  Registration of FOM Member (Friends of Museum)

Ø  Information of activities and exhibition at Penang State Museum and Art Gallery

Ø  Blog post

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Official Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony : 14th June 2012 (Thursday)

Time : 4.00 pm

Location : Penang State Art Gallery, Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulau Pinang

Official Opening By : Y.B Wong Hon Wai, Chairman of Penang State Museum

Estimation of Educational Institutions :  40-50


Activities :

Ø  Welcoming speech by Curator

Ø  Opening speech by the Chairman of Penang State Museum

Ø  Launching ceremony of Penang State Museum Website

Ø  Donation of books publication

Ø  Photo session and viewing the exhibition

Ø  Refreshments


Ceremony of donation book publication

Disclosure to students and communities about the development of local and international visual arts as well as sharing the publication of Penang State artist documentation and in the realization of corporate responsibility as an agency that provides non-formal education as with the motto of Penang State Museum and Art Gallery, “Pendidikan Muzium Untuk Semua”.

Accordingly, Penang State Museum and Art Gallery currently having a program which is to contribute publication of books to all educational institutions across Penang State includes private libraries.

Among the institutions:


Ø  Primary School

Ø  Secondary School

Ø  Private School (Primary and Secondary)

Ø  Public and Private Higher Educational Institutions

Ø  Private Libraries


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