About Art Gallery

The Penang State Art Gallery is a comprehensive collection devoted to modern and contemporary art. The non-circulating collection documents painting, sculpture, drawings, prints, photography, architecture, design, performance, video, film, and emerging art forms from year 1965 to the present. The Penang State Art Gallery presents artworks revolving around ideas of identity, urbanization, globalisation and the environment, these works raise pertinent issues on urban living in the modern cityscape and prompt us to consider how the artists have translated their visions about these issues into works of art.

Penang State Art Gallery always encouraged local and International artists to hold their visual arts exhibitions which is located at Dewan Sri Pinang, Georgetown. As a result of this effort, Penang State Art Gallery has established a joint communication and exchange of ideas between local and international artists.

In an effort to enhance and accord prestige of our motherland visual artists Penang State Art Gallery continues to increase the permanent collections to be equal with other public and private galleries. With this effort, Penang Art Gallery indirectly gave recognition to the local artists when their artwork serve as a permanent collection and owned by the Government of Penang State. Penang State Art Gallery has appreciated the contribution and involvement of the artist in Penang through the retrospective exhibition which held every year since year 2007. Collaboration between the Penang State Museum is not only limited to artists but has also established cooperation with the higher learning institutions and also with local and international art galleries.


To collect, study, preserve and showcase the state and cultural heritage by promoting the educational exhibits of history and heritage and culture.


Nourishing and cultivate the interest of appreciation of the state's heritage and culture to realize the awareness and love for our motherland for the present and future generations so that the passage of time does not expire.


  • To collect material that has a value of heritage and history of art.
  • Implement conservation work on the collection as needed basis throughout the year.
  • Display of visual art materials, artifacts and history according to the theme of the year.
  • Conduct research on visual arts, heritage and history for the purpose of education, information and publications.
  • To serve as a state tourism destination.