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Formerly known as Green Hill, Penang Hill was a health and recreational haven favoured by the European community. As early as 1790, a winding track had been deared to the summit for those who sought the cool, salubrious highland climate. By the early nineteenth century, Penang Hill was the only developed hill station in the East.

In the early years, the journey up the hill was quite arduous. The more sedate made the journey up the hill in a sedan chair, a rattan armchair slung on bamboo poles, while others mounted the Delhi or Sumatran pony. The more able-bodied liked out to trek up the well-maintained tracks.

Penang Hill became more accessible in 1924, when the Governor of Penang, Sir Lawrence Nums Guillemard, declared open the Penang Hill Railway Services which he considered to be ‘one of the finest hill railways in the world'. Since 1 February 1971, the Penang State Government has managed the Penang Hill railway services.

The peak of Penang Hill was originally called Flagstaff Gill because the Union Jack was raised there to signal the arrival of mail, hence its name in Malay - Bukit Bendera (Flag Hill) and Hokkien - Seng Kee Sua (Flag-raising Hill).

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