Chairman's Foreword By YB Yeoh Soon Hin

Posted on: Thu, 2019-07-04 12:41   By: MZMKPLBPKHG

 Greetings to Everyone,

As the new Chairman the Penang State Museum Board, I am very proud of the designation given and intends to make an excellence for the art culture in this department.

After I was selected as Chairman of the Penang State Museum, I always strive to develop the legacy of history, art and culture in Penang. Besides, as the holder a portfolio of art by the Penang State Government, I will ensure that museums play a significant role to nurture and cultivate the spirit of love as well as appreciation of cultural heritage through either permanent or temporary exhibitions conducted institution’s Penang State Museum. The three premises which have been growing, the Penang State Museum will be exhibiting with its employees and the community of art gallery in the Penang State Museum.

With this website, it can disseminate information quickly about the Museum and Art Gallery of Penang which is the best medium way to attract tourist and local visitors. In addition, this website also can deliver information from time to time. I am really welcome you to this website. I hope to all who visit this website can provide suggestions and feedback to improve the quality as well as quantity for this Museum and Art Gallery of Penang.

Thank you for viewing the website of Penang State Museum and Art Gallery.


"Museum Education For All"


 Yeoh Soon Hin                     


Penang State Museum Board